www.ultimateconnexions.co.uk property feed http:// www.ultimateconnexions.co.uk Property RSS feed en-us Gnomen CMS 3 editor@ultimateconnexions.co.uk webmaster@ultimateconnexions.co.uk 1500.00 PCM | Bury Park Road, Luton, LU1 http://ultimateconnexions.co.uk/property-search~action=detail,pid=915 Located in the popular area of Bury Park in Luton. We are delighted to offer is this commercial retail unit. 23 Sep 2021 16:03:26 133333.33 PCM | Simpson Road, Milton Keynes, MK2 http://ultimateconnexions.co.uk/property-search~action=detail,pid=912 This is a good Property spacious. Rental of £160.000.000 15 Sep 2021 15:25:18 2041.67 PCM | Dunstable Road, Luton, LU1 http://ultimateconnexions.co.uk/property-search~action=detail,pid=911 Located in the popular Dunstable Road area. We are delighted to offer is this commercial retail unit. 14 Sep 2021 16:49:51 3000.00 PCM | Hart Lane, Luton, LU2 http://ultimateconnexions.co.uk/property-search~action=detail,pid=908 Located in the popular High Town / Round Green area of Luton, we are delighted to offer is this 3 bedroom split level apartment, with commercial premises 14 Sep 2021 13:46:54 2200.00 PCM | 76 Dunstable Road, Luton, LU1 http://ultimateconnexions.co.uk/property-search~action=detail,pid=907 Located in the popular Bury Park area of Luton is this recently refurbished restaurant and take away. Currently specializing in kebab dishes selling as a running business. 13 Sep 2021 18:00:19 1666.67 PCM | Bury Park Road, Luton, LU1 http://ultimateconnexions.co.uk/property-search~action=detail,pid=905 Located in the popular Bury Park area of Luton, is this newly refurbished commercial shop. 09 Sep 2021 12:29:01 5833.33 PCM | Bury Park, Luton, LU1 http://ultimateconnexions.co.uk/property-search~action=detail,pid=900 The premises are conspicuously located in Luton's Bury Park neighbourhood, which is popular with the local Asian population. Luton is a cosmopolitan, multicultural city. 21 Jun 2021 17:03:29 1200.00 PCM | King Street, Luton, LU1 http://ultimateconnexions.co.uk/property-search~action=detail,pid=899 Office Space in the Heart of the City can be utilised for other businesses i.e clinic, beauty shop etc The first-floor office area includes a wide, open main office, a second office, a kitchen, and washroom facilities. 18 Jun 2021 16:37:11 1000.00 PCM | John Street, Luton, LU1 http://ultimateconnexions.co.uk/property-search~action=detail,pid=897 Shop with A3 usage to let on the outskirts of the town centre near the train station 09 Jun 2021 18:00:10 4100.00 PCM | George Street, Luton, LU1 http://ultimateconnexions.co.uk/property-search~action=detail,pid=896 The property is conveniently placed in the heart of the city. It is close to the M1 Motorway's Junction 10 and the Luton Train Station. This first-floor spacious building, located on the famed George Street, is in excellent shape and suitable for a range of D1 purposes. It's ideal for any training, community, health, or nursery-related events. 09 Jun 2021 16:14:40 4166.67 PCM | Selbourne Road, Luton, LU4 http://ultimateconnexions.co.uk/property-search~action=detail,pid=895 Warehouse / Light industrial unit with office to let 21 May 2021 14:43:34 1000.00 PCM | Prebend Street, Bedford, MK40 http://ultimateconnexions.co.uk/property-search~action=detail,pid=894 This retail unit is located in Bedford in need of complete refurbishment with a rent free period. 10 May 2021 12:34:38 2083.33 PCM | Midland Road, Luton, LU2 http://ultimateconnexions.co.uk/property-search~action=detail,pid=892 This retail / office unit is located just a few minutes walk from the town centre and mainline train station. The opportunities are endless, the property has a great location and is available immediately. 04 May 2021 17:38:34 750.00 PCM | Hitchin Road, Luton, LU2 http://ultimateconnexions.co.uk/property-search~action=detail,pid=891 Management Run Day Nursery Ofsted Rated Good Excellent opportunity for first time buyer Home from Home environment Business name not to be included in sale EPC C A 10 Year lease from August 2020 with an annual rent of £9,000. 12 Apr 2021 14:30:26 1200.00 PCM | Wellington Street, Luton, LU1 http://ultimateconnexions.co.uk/property-search~action=detail,pid=890 Retail space, just a few minute‚Äôs walk from the town centre, is this newly refurbished commercial shop. 31 Mar 2021 11:27:21